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Stanley Alpern

Stanley “Stan” Alpern

Stan began his career with Mandel Brothers in 1955 as an Assistant Toy Buyer. He then spent two years with Davison-Paxon, two years with Zody’s and 13 years as a toy representative, with his last association being with the rep firm of Alpern, Ross, Kerske & Association.

Date of Toy Retirement: November 30, 1979

George P. Alton

George P. Alton

In 1945 George began his toy career with Oakland Toy Company as a warehouseman. From 1947-1957 he went into outside sales and from 1957-1989 he was the CEO and buyer for Oakland Toy Co. He served as President of the Toy Wholesale Association.

Date of Retirement: January 1, 1991

Bob Fellerman

Bob Fellerman

Bob began his toy career in 1962 with a small toy jobber. From 1963 to 1978 he was an independent manufacturer’s rep with Marlin Peck. From 1979 thru 1992 he became The Fellerman Company. Bob served on the W.T.H.R.A. Slate of Officers for over 20 years, most of the time served was as Treasurer of the Association.

Date of Toy Retirement: January 1, 1992

Alan Frankel

Alan Frankel

Alan began his toy career in San Francisco at Toys Inc. He was a wholesale salesman from 1948-1955. 1955-1960 he was in retail working for Ambers. 1960-1983 he was a factory rep working for Kohler-Gabriel Industries to CBS Toys from 1960-1983.

Date of Toy Retirement: June 30, 1983

Donald Frankel

Donald Frankel

Donald began his career in the toy industry in 1950 as an entry level sales clerk for Toy Menagerie. In 1954 he started with General Merchandise Wholesale as a toy and sundry buyer. He then bought Carson’s Toys in West Los Angeles in 1957. Other than brief forays into the wholesale business in the 1970’s he remained in retail until his retirement.

Date of Toy Retirement: 1992

Nathan Goldman

Nathan “Nate” Goldman

Nate began his toy career in 1947 when he took over the lease of Morris Fink. He reluctantly agreed to purchase the inventory of toys and thus began his toy career. The increase in sales demanded greater sales and a never ending effort for blue chip lines. While never the biggest, Nathan Goldman & Company grew and over the next 26 years did occupy a solid niche in the toy arena. The company terminated operations in 1973.

Deceased: December 19, 1965

Joshua Gross

Joshua “Jerry” or “Josh” Gross

Jerry began his career with Macy’s in 1940 as head of the toy department; 1956-1962 he was a sales rep for Henry Katz Sales; 1965-1965 V.P. Blast Dist.; 1967-1972 Regional Manager of Topper Toys; 1973-1976 V.P. Pensick & Gordon; 1977-1983 Regional Manager of Child Guidance (CBS); and from 1984 until his retirement he was an independent sales rep.

Date of Toy Retirement: January 1, 1993

Edward Kapitanoff

Edward Kapitanoff

Ed began his career in 1932 as an exclusive rep and distributor of the Comet Model Company. He was President and CEO of Western Model Distributors until 1968 when he formed his own independent rep company. He served on the National Board of HIA for 9 years and received the Award of Honor from the Hobby Industry Association.

Date of Toy Retirement: 1990

Samuel Northcote

Samuel “Sam” Northcote

Sam began his career in 1945 as buyer for Walker’s Dept. Store; 1956-1959 he was a toy salesman for Toyland, San Diego; 1959-1968 he was with Blatt Dist. Co.; 1970-1980 he became the toy buyer for the US Navy Exchange; 1980-1983 he was Retail Sales Operational Manager for the Navy Exchange and Navy Recruit Depot.

Date of Toy Retirement: April 1, 1987

Mac Prupes

Mac Prupes

Mac started in the toy industry in 1948 with May Company. He remained with them until 1958 when he went with Ideal Toys until 1975. From 1975-1985 he was with CBS and from 1985-1989 he was with Harvey Prince Associates. Mac served on the W.T.H.R.A. Slate of officers for several years. He received Ideal’s Gold Ring.

Deceased: May 20, 1992

Samuel Schecter

Samuel Schecter

Schecter began his career in 1929 as the first salesman for Pensick & Gordon. He was loved by all who knew him and always helped other salesman, inspiring them to reach higher goals. He was the number one salesman for Pensick & Gordon for many years and many of the accounts he opened are still in business.

Deceased: 1978

Wilburn Adams Talbot

Wilburn Adams “Lank” Talbot

Lank began his long career in the toy business in 1947 with Town & Country Village. He opened a general children’s merchandise store in downtown Sacramento in 1947, but soon found toy sales were surpassing clothes, etc. He closed the downtown store and moved to the suburbs. He opened a second store in San Mateo in 1953 selling the Sacramento location to Mr. Bob Roberts. He remained active part-time until his death.

Deceased: October 16, 1987

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