Exhibitor List & Floor Plan

Join hundreds of exhibitors at the National ToyFest Tradeshow Where Specialty is the Best

The National Toy Trade Show, ToyFest, held at The World Market Center Las Vegas, Nevada is February 19-21, 2025. ToyFest features over 500 manufacturers between the Expo hall and the Showrooms. Below you will find a floorplan for the 2025 event. As vendors book, they will be added to the map.

Toy Agencies in The Expo include:

  • Golden Sales
  • Sugar B Sales
  • Sunshine Sales
  • The Toy Sellers Group
  • Wildthings Sales and Marketing

Toy & Gift Showrooms in Bldg C include:

  • Anne McGilvray & Company
  • Diverse Marketing
  • Kathleen Milne Company
  • Toyology

2025 ToyFest Floor Plan

Colored booths are listed in the left navigation. White booths are open.
You may click on a booth to see company details.

A downloadable complete list of Lines and Agencies will be available after January 1, 2025.